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   This application, structured on 11 modules, independent, is a genuine computer electric field.
   The "Circuit calculator " can save data for n circuits, which can be used in "Feeder calculator".


- easy to use
- achievement small projects instantly
- useful in circuits sizing and devices choice
- use the data results in own projects
- ideal tool for people working in the field of electric

Target group

   The application is useful for designers, electricians, students who study in this field, all those who are passionate about the electric field.


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  • Ohm's law
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  • electrical power calc.
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  • series RLC parameters
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  • parallel RLC param.
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  • circuit calculator
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  • electrical feeder calc.
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  • earthing system
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  • Isc and ΔU calculator
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  • lighting calculator
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  • Reactive power comp.
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  • Estimate works
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  • Customize project